yoga is for everyone

Yoga Is For Everyone – Here’s Why

Yoga is a strengthening and empowering practice that offers something for everybody, regardless of their age or fitness level.


At Mana, we believe that Yoga is for everybody. This is something we express through our classes, as all levels from beginner to advanced are welcome. By offering different variations we challenge and reward each student with results that benefit both body and mind regardless of their ability.

At the Mana yoga shala, we are bound together by our passion for the practice. We work hard to create a space that welcomes everyone, whether you’re currently staying at our retreat or simply choose to drop in for our classes. There are no reservations required. We provide mats, blocks, bolsters, straps and blankets for all classes. We also have changing rooms, public showers and a restaurant readily available for our guests.

Here are our top reasons why yoga is for absolutely everyone:

Yoga relieves stress

In class, we learn ‘Panayama’, which are techniques to focus on our breathing. When we slow down and connect with our breath, we can relax our parasympathetic nervous system to alleviate anxiety and tension. This technique can benefit anyone and everyone, regardless of how hectic their lifestyle may be.

It builds strength

The practice teaches us to use our own bodies to support ourselves in different postures. This develops strength from using our core and actively engaging our muscles to keep us in position for a specific length of time. In the beginning, postures can be very challenging for entry level students, but over time, everyone will see themselves build their core strength..

Practising Builds Flexibility

When you start a yoga practice, it’s all about stretching your own limitations. You will find that the breath helps you go deeper into each posture and you open up more every day. It’s a process and it takes time, but you will see progress the more you practice. Letting go of tension and lengthening out the body feels so incredibly amazing, it’s something everyone could use in our uptight, chair-bound society.

Yoga Helps You Connect With Yourself

When you are on the mat, it is time to tune in to your inner voice, and is non-competitive with those you share your practice with. It is seen as a lifelong journey because the more you get to know yourself during your practice, the easier it is to connect with your authentic self in the world.

It Can Be Done Anywhere At Anytime

All you need is your body and breath to practice yoga. It can help, but you truly do not need any equipment, which means you can practice anywhere in the world and at any time.

Yoga Is Non-Competitive

Because yoga isn’t one size fits all, you can adapt it to your own body. There is a basic outline and alignment for each posture. But it is also about listening to your own body and moving from within.

The Practice Is Low Impact And Can Be Done Throughout Your Life

Yoga is a low impact workout that lubricates the joints and massages the muscles. You can practice for your entire life and use it as an aid for staying young and agile.

Yoga Is Empowering

Yoga helps you tune in to your own instincts and lead from your heart and gut. You will learn to listen to your inner voice and trust in yourself.

If you haven’t tried yoga, and would like to start practicing soon –you will discover why it is popular with so many people. So, anytime you want to clear your mind, recharge and recover, get lean, flexible, and strong, all you have to do is roll out the mat and practice!

Mana Retreat has multiple daily classes at our yoga shala in a variety of different styles. We also offer retreat packages and host teacher trainings throughout the year. For more information on our classes or to book, please visit our website at www.manalombok.com