About Us


Inspired by the old traditional Indonesian principle of `adeng adeng` (slowly slowly), we strive at Mana Retreat Lombok to create a space that encourages a simple and slower paced lifestyle


Mana’s philosophy


Throughout the pacific mythology, Mana is a spiritual energy and healing power which can exist in places, objects, and persons.

We strive for Mana to be a place where a simple and slower paced lifestyle is at home. A place where you can be yourself, relax, connect, have fun, and nurture your body and soul.

We feel a strong responsibility surrounding both the local and global environment. We aim to constantly evolve and grow in both our management principles and built environment (infrastructure and buildings) and help reduce our environmental impact.

Reduced environmental impact


At Mana Retreat Lombok we do our best to reduce our environmental footprint and be part of a cleaner and greener future. We aim to reduce our environmental impact without sacrificing guest comfort.



The installation of our environmentally friendly `Biosafe` septic tanks throughout the property.. Installing this `Biosafe` tank system was unknown territory for our builders and the ongoing heavy rainfalls made the installation of these thanks almost impossible. But we did it! We can now proudly say that all our septic waste, shower water, laundry-water and kitchen oils gets filtered through grease traps and 6 big “Biosafe” tanks that consists out of 4 oxygenated chambers that turn all our waste water in clean recycled irrigation water.




Our vegetarian and vegan restaurant assists in reducing Mana’s environmental impact while also providing healthy food for guests. Our vegetables and fruit are sourced locally. 

We do not use Palm Oil as it is largely responsible for the destruction of the tropical rainforest in Sumatra. As an alternative we use healthy and locally produced coconut oil.




By constantly evolving and adapting our management principles we aim to reduce our waste to a minimum.

We support Keep Kuta Clean by sponsoring rubbish bins in town.

We provide free drinking water to our guests and sell reusable drinking bottles and avoid single use waste wherever we can.



We installed 100 Solar panels to generate electricity for Mana.

Any excess solar electricity we don’t consume is sent to the public electrical grid where the clean energy can be used by others.





Our Yoga-mats are made from TPE, a natural biodegradable material.

We use locally made organic and natural soaps and insect repellants. These and many other organic, natural, local products are for sale in our shop.




We designed and built around existing trees. For every tree we had to take out we planted at least twice as many.

We support several projects in town based around environmental and educational awareness 



Things you can do


We encourage our guests and people around us to help preserve this piece of paradise by doing small things that have a big impact, here a few things you can do to reduce your impact on the island and the world



Please shut the doors and windows when using the air conditioning and turn off when leaving your room.




Please reduce your water-usage when taking a shower and turn of the lights when leaving the room.




We only wash your  linen and towels on request so please use the note in your room to let our staff know when you request this service.




We provide free drinking water so please make use of this. It will save a lot of plastic while saving you money!




Ask for no straw (tidak sedotan) when in restaurants to avoid the use of plastic straws. Place your rubbish (or litter around you) in a green `Keep Kuta Clean` bin in the streets of Lombok.




You can always leave an extra donation to one of the environmental organizations we support.


Giving back


Kuta Lombok has provided the opportunity to realize our dream and open Mana Retreat Lombok. Gratitude and respect has motivated us to give back to this unique community. 



`Keep Kuta Clean` works towards making South Lombok a healthier and cleaner place for tourists and residents. They are currently working on many initiatives around South Lombok. Further details can be found on their website below. In addition to previous donations Mana sponsor their Kuta Bin Project which includes ongoing monthly rubbish collections.




Kuta Lombok Dogs


Kuta Lombok Dogs is responsible for sterilizing well over a 1000 dogs in Lombok and therefore reducing tremendously the suffering 

of street dogs in town. They can always use more donations to both sterilize and to give medical attention to dogs in need. 

WA and Facebook: Kuta Lombok Dogs