Terms and Conditions

i. Unless otherwise stated the Deposit/Advance amount equals 50% of the stay.

ii. Booking Confirmation is subject to the deposit/advance payment being processed. If the deposit/advance payment is not valid the guest will be notified and the guest agrees to provide a valid payment within 24 hours. If the guest cannot provide a valid deposit/advance payment then their booking will be cancelled. .

iii. Cancellations

  1. More than 14 days before arrival date: Full refund (less 5% – see below).
  2. 14 days or less before arrival date: the guest will be charged 50% of their total stay.
  3. 2 days or less before arrival date: the guest will be charged 100% of their total stay.

iv. Refunds will incur a 5% charge on the refunded amount. Refunds will be processed by the Mana accounts department within 2 weeks.

v. Cancellations and refunds must be requested via manalombok@gmail.com.

vi. The booking is only for the number of people specified in the booking summary. This includes adults and children. Extra guests are not allowed without prior approval from Mana management. To request additional guests at a later date please email manalombok@gmail.com.

vii. Check-in is from 3pm until 10.30pm. Security can greet late arrivals after 10.30 pm.

viii. Check out is from 7 am until 12 pm.

ix. Reception is closed from 10.30 pm until 7 am.

x. No smoking in rooms.

xi. No pets allowed.

xii. Under 15 years old not allowed in the dorm.

xiii. Mana is not responsible in the case of damage or loss of personal or rented items.