Why Lombok?


Why should I visit Lombok?

Lombok is an off the beaten track paradise island to the East of Bali. Try swapping the traffic congestion of our tourist-filled neighbour for the pristine landscapes and open roads of Lombok, with the exception of our water buffalo crossings! The island offers world-class surf breaks between April and November – principally the infamous barrel at Desert Point in the south-west, but also at a plethora of locations around Kuta. Gunung Rinjani, the 3,762-metre peak that dominates the island, makes for an epic, three-day climb. In its foothills are ancient mosques and villages still populated by practitioners of a Hindu-Islam fusion unique to Lombok, as well as stunning waterfalls. Kuta itself has pristine white sand beaches, a luscious jungle environment with a variety of water sport and on-land activities available as well as a buzzing eclectic restaurant and nightlife scene.


Things To Know Before You Arrive


Do I need a visa?

The Indonesian Government allows visa free travel for 30 days for nationals of 52 countries. (Check if your country is listed here). Please be aware that this option is not extendable or convertible into another type of visa. Make sure your passport is valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of arrival in Indonesia. When you arrive your passport will be stamped for 30 days from the date of arrival. Please note that you will be fined 300K IDR per day if you overstay your visa. If your country is not listed, we advise you to get a Visa on Arrival. For up to date information please check here.


Can I stay longer than 30 days?

If you would like to stay more than 30 days, you can apply for a 60-day tourist visa at the Consulate of Indonesia closest to you prior to travelling to Indonesia, or apply for a Visa-On-Arrival at the airport when you arrive in Indonesia. The cost for this visa is approximately $35 USD. In order to extend your visa to 60 days, close to the end of your initial 30 days, you must file for an extension of your visa at the closest immigration office. The closest immigration office to Kuta is in Mataram. You will likely have to show proof of a ticket to leave the country.


What kind of clothes will I need to pack?

Rainy season is between November and April, so an umbrella will come in handy, which can be purchased inexpensively here. April through November is typically dry season. Comfortable sandals are a must, and should be easy to take off as it is customary to remove shoes before entering certain shops, restaurants and houses. There are local laundry services available at various locations in Kuta, which is inexpensive but it usually takes at least 24 hours to process. Although the locals in Lombok are used to western tourists, they are still a modest culture, so please be advised that swimwear can be worn at the beach but it is preferable to be covered up when walking around elsewhere.


Can you recommend any good books about Lombok before my trip?

We recommend any updated Lonely Planet’s Guide to Bali & Lombok for tips on travel throughout Lombok. For more of a historical and cultural context on Lombok and the rich culture of the Sasak people as well as an overview of Indonesian cultures and history, we recommend Bridges to the Ancestors by David D. Harnish.


Arriving in Lombok


How do I get to Lombok?

Lombok is a small island set amidst the 17,000+ islands of the Indonesian archipelago. It is approximately an hour and a half by fast boat, 5 hour by slow ferry, or 30 minute flight east from Bali. It is 3 hours flight due south of Singapore, or 3 hours flight north of Perth, Australia. The international airport is called Bandar Udara International Lombok, and the arrival city is Lombok Praya (LOP). The Mana Retreat is located on Jalan Batu Riti in Kuta Lombok, a 20 minute drive from the airport. We have signs directing towards our location from the main roads in Kuta. We can accommodate scooter parking at the front entrance of our location.


How do I get to Mana from the airport?

From the airport (Lombok Praya International) to Mana Retreat takes about 20 minutes. We can provide airport pick-up for 175,000 rupiah. To book, please email manalombok@gmail.com with your flight information to request this service. Alternatively, there is a Taxi Stand immediately ahead as you exit the airport terminal.


Can I arrange airport pick-up with Mana?

Yes. We can arrange airport pick-up and drop-off for you. The cost is 175,000.00 Rupiah each way. Please email manalombok@gmail.com with your flight information to request this service.


Can I get to Mana from Bali by boat?

Via Padangbai & Bangsal

The fastest boat option from Bali is to take the fastboat from Padangbai, which will cost you approximately 350.000 IDR one way (depending on seasonal rates) and take an hour and a half across the Lombok Strait to Bangsal Harbor. From there, we can arrange pick-up for 500.000 IDR to deliver you to the Mana Retreat. The drive time will be approximately 2 hours.

Via Padangbai & Lembar

An alternative option is to take the ferry between Padangbai and Lembar, which will take anywhere between 4 to 7 hours across the Lombok Strait for less than 50.000 IDR (depending on seasonal rates). You will arrive in the Western port of Lembar. From there, we can arrange pick up for 400.000 IDR to deliver you to the Mana Retreat. The slow ferry can also accommodate cars and motorbikes.


How do I travel from Mana to the Gili Islands?

The three main Gilis (Trawangan, Meno & Air) are situated to the North West of Lombok island. We can arrange drop off to Bangsal harbour, which is approximately a 2 hour drive from Kuta for 500.000 IDR. From there, you can either choose to travel by public boat to your choice of Gili island, which leaves at regular intervals between 8am and 5pm every day, and costs less than 50.000 IDR each way (cost may vary depending on seasonal rates), or you can charter a private boat for approximately 300.000 IDR (cost may vary depending upon season and your ability to haggle on price).


Health & Safety Information



Is Lombok safe?

Lombok, as with nearby Bali, is a very safe place to visit. Tourism is an important part of the livelihood of many local businesses in Lombok and as a result they take the safety of their visitors very seriously. However, as with anywhere else in the world, you should take care to ensure that you are not vulnerable to opportunists, by placing visible belongings under the bike seat while driving and travelling alone after dark.


Should I be aware of any health concerns?

It is recommended that you visit your physician or a travel health clinic prior to your departure to Indonesia. Recommended vaccinations often include hepatitis A, typhoid, tetanus and polio. Lombok is not a high-risk area for malaria. Dengue fever is another mosquito borne illness to be made aware of. You may want to bring charcoal tablets, or any type of oral antibiotic that can help with stomach ailments. There is always a chance that you might get Bali Belly in Lombok, although it is less frequent here – which is a mild dysentery that passes in a few days. If you forget to bring mosquito repellent, you can buy some in our shop.


What if I need to see a doctor?

There are plenty of 24 hour medical clinics in Lombok – and there are hospitals in Praya (20 minutes away) or Mataram (1 hour away) . If you have a minor illness or ailment, you will be just fine. The 24 hour clinics sometimes accept travel insurance as payment, but its always good to double check prior to receiving treatment.


How about sanitation?

Mana Retreat offers free filtered water, which is readily available for all of our guests. Most of the restaurants on the island use bottled water for all cooking purposes. Nevertheless, it is advisable to drink and brush teeth with bottled water. Food carts and local markets carry a greater degree of risk.


When In Kuta Lombok


What is the main religion in Lombok?

Unlike Bali which has a majority Hindu population, Lombok is a majority Muslim island. You will find that the locals here are very friendly people and those living within tourist areas are accustomed to having Western visitors. That being said, you are fine wearing your bikini at the beach, but it is advisable to cover up when walking around town.


What is the local currency?

The local currency is Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). Please check out http://xe.com/ for current exchange rates.


How do I exchange money?

There are bureaus where you can exchange cash at currency exchanges close to the airport and in Kuta, and ATMs are everywhere that take visa, Cirrus and Plus. Please inform your bank and credit card companies of the dates that you will be in Indonesia, so they don’t freeze your funds for fraud protection.


What is the weather like?

You can expect pleasant day temperatures between 20 to 33 degrees Celsius or 68 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. From December to March, rainy season can bring heavy showers and high humidity, but usually days are sunny and the rains pass quickly. From June to September the humidity is low, and you are almost guaranteed constant sunshine.


What is the water temperature like around Lombok?

Water temperatures vary between 26-30c, so not too much thermal protection is required when swimming, surfing, or snorkelling.


How do I get around?

The central area of Kuta Lombok is pedestrian friendly, and Kuta beach is an easy walk from Mana Retreat. If you wish to go further afield to some of the most beautiful beaches and surfing hotspots in Indonesia, scooters and cars are available for rent. All of the main roads on the island are easily accessible and are in good condition for driving, but there are some smaller, unpaved roads which are slightly more tricky to navigate.


Do you offer car/ motorbike rentals or private drivers?

Our reception staff will help you organize the type of transportation that you are interested in. The rental rate for a motorbike is 60.000 IDR per day and 400.000 IDR per day for a car. There are no fixed rates for a private driver as the price is due to the distance and amount of destinations you are aiming to visit per day.


Is it easy to organize tours once I am there?

Yes, you can arrange booking any Lombok tour from our front desk at Mana. Alternatively, there are plenty of local companies within Kuta, so you can easily arrange your tours around Lombok and beyond.


What parts of Lombok should I see?

Aside from discovering the beautiful beaches and surfing hotspots around Kuta, you can find stunning waterfalls close to Senaru, take the challenge of hiking up Mount Rinjani, or get lost in the beauty of the rice fields of Tetebatu. If you love diving or snorkeling, the popular Gili islands (Trawangan, Meno & Air) are a 10 minute boat ride away from the northern Bangsal harbour – and there are also the lesser known Gili islands waiting to be found on the South West coast of Lombok.


What is the main religion of Lombok?

The majority of people in Lombok are Muslim, but other religions are also practiced here freely. If Bali is considered the island of a thousand temples, Lombok would be the island of a thousand mosques. You’ll find a unique hindu-muslim fusion of religion and culture in Lombok, with many colorful mosques dotted around the landscape. There, you’ll find people in prayer wearing traditional clothing. During Ramadan, the majority of the population fasts. The locals are exceptionally friendly and interested to learn about other cultures.


What language do they speak in Lombok?

In Indonesia, the main language spoken is Bahasa Indonesia, although there are more than 700 spoken languages, each individual to specific islands. The Sasak people of Lombok have their own ‘Sasak’ language, which is what you will hear most locals speaking with one another. In the tourist hotspots of Lombok including Kuta, most people speak English.


Are there any cultural practices that I should be aware of?

When outside of the Mana retreat grounds, there are a few customs to be aware of to avoid any faux pas: it’s customary to leave your shoes at the door of a home or business (look for a row of flip flops outside as a clue); try not to point with your feet or touch any locals on the head, as both can be taken quite offensively; and use your right hand when shaking hands with anyone or eating with your hands, as the left is seen as being used for cleaning private areas.


Will I get any cell service?

If you have an international data plan, your phone should work well with the data service here. If not, and your phone is unlocked, you can easily install an Indonesian SIM card in your phone. You can buy a SIM card from any phone vendor, or from one of the many convenience stores around Lombok, including Alfamart and Indomart. The most popular cellular providers here are Telkomsel (Simpati), Indosat and XL. The easiest way to get hooked up to the network is to buy a pay-as-you-go SIM card. This is a SIM card that comes preloaded with credit (called pulsa here). You can opt to load it with as much pulsa or internet data as you’d like. The local data connection in Indonesia is surprisingly good. You may lose signal at remote locations and beaches, which means you’ll have more time to enjoy being by the ocean.


Can I buy alcohol?

Yes, you can easily find beer, wine and liquor for purchase in Kuta Lombok. There is a wine and spirits store within walking distance from Mana, and there are beers available for purchase at local supermarkets. Bars and restaurants also have a selection of wine, beer and cocktails on their menus. Please be aware that imported alcohol is a little more expensive due to Indonesian taxes.


Your Stay At Mana Retreat



How do I book?

To book or check our accommodation types and availability, visit our homepage: www.manalombok.com.


Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, you can. Please let us know per e-mail or phone as soon as possible if you wish to cancel your booking. Please review your booking email for terms and conditions of your booking, and our cancellation policy.


What languages are spoken by the staff?

All our front desk and management staff speak English and Bahasa Indonesian.


What is included in the room rate?

All prices are including 10% PB1 tax, with no additional charges for service. Each accommodation type includes free Wi-Fi, quality breakfast of your choice, air conditioning, hot water, free drinking water, a safe and free entrance to the cinema. Yoga is additional to the room rate. Please click here to see for other specifications included in our different room types.


Can I store my bag before check-in or after check-out?

Mana Retreat offers luggage storage free of charge for up to 24 hours before or after your stay. We have showers and changing rooms that can be used after checkout.


Can I send a package to the hotel?

Unfortunately mail in Indonesia is both slow and unreliable. For this reason we do not recommend sending anything to the hotel prior to check-in.


Is my passport required at check-in?

Yes. This is requirement is to confirm identity and ensure the safety and security of all guests, and is a legal requirement in Indonesia.


Is parking available?

Yes parking is available at the front entrance of Mana Retreat.


Are extra beds/rollaway beds available?

Please note that there is generally no capacity for extra beds in the rooms.


Can I bring my pets?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed.


Is breakfast included?

We offer a variety of breakfast options, included in your stay.Please note that breakfast is served from 7am until 10am every day. We will try to accommodate late breakfast requests, but please be aware that this is not always possible due to kitchen turn-around.


What kind of food is available?

The Mana resort’s newly opened in-house restaurant provides healthy, vegetarian/vegan meals and drinks. Our fresh produce is sourced locally and cooked with coconut oil. We also have a full espresso coffee menu and sweet healthy cakes. Outside of Mana, there are a variety of restaurants within Kuta to cater to both eastern and western food palettes. If you want to try the local Sasak cuisine, there are many warungs and food carts that offer a selection of Indonesian and Lombok style delicacies. Lombok in Sasak means “chili” which you’ll definitely understand when you try their much loved spicy food!


Are there minibars in the rooms?

There are no minibars in the rooms but we do have a fridge at reception for the guests to store refrigerated items or medicine.


What treatments are available at the spa?

You can indulge in a variety of treatments and packages at the spa including massages, facials, and body treatments. Do let us know if you need us to avoid specific areas or have specific health concerns that may affect your treatment so we can accommodate your needs as best possible. kindly arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled treatment. If you need to reschedule or cancel your reservation, we require 3 hours notice for individual appointments and packages. Appointments cancelled in less than the required time will be billed 50% of the published price of each service.


Is the Yoga Shala on the Mana Retreat property?

Yes. Access to our Yoga Shala, Pool, Spa and Restaurant is incredibly convenient, as they are all located directly on the property.


Who can join the yoga classes?

We believe that Yoga is for everybody and this is something we express through our classes. All levels are welcome to practice with us. By offering different variations we challenge and reward each student with results that benefit both body and mind. Whether you stay at our place or join for drop in yoga, everybody is welcome. No reservations required. Public showers available. For more information about our teachers and class schedule visit manalombok.com.


Are yoga classes included in the room rate?

Classes are not included in the room rates, but single and multiple class packages can be purchased at reasonable and competitive prices. Multiple class packages offer additional savings, and can be purchased at our Mana Resort Reception Desk.


Do I need to book yoga classes in advance?

No. Our daily classes are offered on a drop-in basis. Simply show up 10 minutes prior to the start of the scheduled class, and pay the class fee (or present your class card)


Should I bring my own yoga mat?

You are welcome to bring your own yoga mat, however we do provide mats, blocks, bolsters, straps and blankets for all classes. There are also public showers available for guests’ use.


Do you have a swimming pool?

Yes, the Mana Retreat has a swimming pool on site for our guests’ use.


Do you have on-site laundry?

Yes for an additional fee, we have on-site laundry available for all guests at Mana Retreat.


What voltage and plugs are used in Indonesia?

Electricity is 230v and Indonesia uses the European-style two-pin round plugs. Adaptors are readily available throughout Indonesia. If the standard voltage in your country is between 220V – 240V you can use your electric appliances throughout Indonesia.


How about Wi-Fi?

We have Wi-Fi readily available for guests of Mana Retreat. We have ensured that we have the best possible internet available in Lombok, however be aware that we are on an island in Indonesia and Wi-Fi may not be as reliable as you are used to.


Can I work for or volunteer at Mana?

You need to have Indonesian citizenship or a legal work permit provided by our company in order to work or volunteer for Mana. Please note that in case we have a job offer available, the minimum required working period under a work permit either six or twelve months.


If you have further questions that need to be answered, please email manayoga@gmail.com