Mana Spa

At Mana Spa, we are committed to providing unique treatment from the heart, blending ancient Asian techniques with age-old beauty recipes featuring the curative benefits of fresh, natural, quality ingredients


Awaken your senses and feel re-energised with our full range spa treatments, specially created to promote the cleansing and rejuvenation of your body while inducing total mental and physical relaxation.


Mana Spa believes in all things natural, to provide the best treatment we decided to work with Nadis Herbal, a 100% natural brand from Bali. Most of the raw materials used are processed organically in the garden area of almost 2 hectares owned by the company.

Ayurvedics Massages



Ancient regenerating body massage using warm sesame oil.

90 MIN / 330,000 IDR



Whole body massage followed by the application of hot compress with rolled and circular pressures on the muscles and energy points. It revitalises and relaxes the body, relieves muscle stiffness, activates the blood circulation and energises the immune system.

60 MIN / 220,000 IDR

Ayurvedic crown massage

This deeply relaxing sequence focuses on the areas where we carry the most stress and tension – the head, neck, shoulders and upper back. You will start with a massage to relieve the stress followed by a fresh hibiscus leaf mask applied to your hair. Your head will be wrapped in a towel and an foot massage while you relax for 25 minutes.

60 MIN / 220,000 IDR

Traditional Massages

Surfers Back Massage

Our neck, shoulder and back massage will relieve tensions.

30 MIN / 110,000 IDR

Mana Relax

Calm your nerves with our gentle yet deeply relaxing signature body massage. Ease muscle tension and detoxify.

30 MIN / 110,000 IDR

60 MIN / 220,000 IDR

90 MIN / 330,000 IDR

Traditions of Indonesia

Feel tension dissolve with this traditional massage that combines gentle stretching, long therapeutic strokes and skin rolling to relieve muscle pain.

60 MIN / 220,000 IDR



Reveal your skin’s full potential with this specifically customised facial for ladies. This hydrating, anti-ageing facial deeply soothes, repairs and renews the skin. The… mask lifts and nourishes while gentle exfoliation refines skin texture leaving your skin looking alive and lustrous!

60 MIN / 220,000 IDR


Our Mana Man Facial is a fatigue fighting and anti-ageing treatment, while further targeting and treating shaving bumps and skin irritation. An invigorating and hydrating pure mask made from … decongests deep down to re-energise skin. Skin is left relaxed, smooth and healthy looking.

60 MIN / 220,000 IDR

Body Treatment


Keep your skin smooth, supple and radiant with an all-natural body scrub.


Coconut and ginger / Antioxidants

Coffee ground and cocunut/ Detoxifying & moisturising

Jasmin lulur / Skin lightening

30 MIN / 110,000 IDR

Wraps (Book minimum 2 hours in advance)

Using the traditional approach to body wraps you will be wrapped in banana leaves with your choice of body mask. During the treatment relax with a face and head massage.


Volcanic clay / Detoxifying & deep cleansing

Coco glow / Moisturising, high in Vitamin E

Aloe vera and cucumber / Sun – irritated skin relief

Boreh spices / Detoxifying & muscle pain

45 MIN / 160,000 IDR

Spa Packages

Mana coco heritage

Relaxing and nourishing, the treatment begins with a Mana relax massage (60min), followed by a coco glow wrap to nourish your skin (45min).

105 MIN / 342,000 IDR

Mana relax

This unique treatment is designed to bring you deep peace and a feeling of well-being. Start with a coconut and ginger body scrub exfoliate and smooth the skin (30min), followed by a Abhyanga massage (90min).

120 MIN / 396,000 IDR

Mana Secret

A wave of well-being to live a supreme experience at Mana Spa. A traditional full body massage (60min), followed by a customised facial (60min) and finished with a Jasmin lulur body scrub (30 min).

150 MIN / 495,000 IDR

Mana romantic harmony

Designed for couples to enjoy an intimate moment together, the treatment consists of a coconut and ginger body scrub (30min) a traditional massage (60min) and a customised facial (30min)

120 MIN / 792,000 IDR

Mana Packages

Detox & Revitalise

2 DAYS  /   738,000 IDR

Embark on an initiatory journey towards body spirit harmony.


Abhyanga Massage to relieve the stress (90min)

Jasmin lulur body scrub (30min)


Customised facial to revitalise the skin (60min)

Volcanic clay body wrap to feel the body detoxifying (45min)

Balance & restore

3 DAYS  /  1,035,000 IDR

A retreat to disconnect from stressful everyday life. Soothe your senses, purify your energy, adopt a new attitude…


Traditional massage to relieve muscle pain (60min)

Coconut & ginger body scrub (30min)


Customised facial to revitalised the skin (60min)

Volcanic clay body wrap to feel the body detoxifying (45min)


Pichu massage to revitalise the body (60min)

Ayurvedic crown massage (60min)